Hi guys,

So, it’s been a week now since my first race weekend in Super GT at Okayama, and I’m still buzzing from what an incredible event it was. The atmosphere and the fans were awesome, and I’m so grateful for all the support I received. Think I may need to work out more to cope with signing so many autographs though! We hit a few unfortunate and unexpected issues during qualifying and the race, but still managed to show our ultimate pace and potential. Overall, we made great progress as a team and feel really positive moving forward to the next race in Fuji.

Of course, the work involved in motorsport doesn’t stop when you get out of the car these days. As a result, I’ve had a busy and exciting week since the race, visiting Shanghai for some extremely productive business meetings with potential partners and clients.

During our trip, we attended an aircraft exhibition, showcasing some of the industry’s leading brands, such as Dassault, Boeing and Airbus. It was amazing having the opportunity to see these stunning planes up close, especially being given a tour around with Dassault.

As we were invited to the event, we also attended the after party, held at the French Embassy in Shanghai. That was an amazing event, rubbing shoulders and swapping details with business men, innovative designers and Hollywood film producers alike.

I have to say, I could definitely get used to that lifestyle, especially having a private plane  - I think my PR team are already planning the color scheme!

Joking aside though, this was an incredibly productive and important trip for me and my career, meeting some great people and expanding our connections for the future. The business of motor racing is rapidly growing, developing and becoming a key part of the sport now, and it’s so exciting to be building my part in the future of motorsport and technological innovation.

Right now, the immediate future holds preparation for my next Super GT race at Fuji on May 3-4. I hope you’ll all buckle up and join me for the journey.