Well, it may have been a while since our last race in Super GT, as the series takes its mid-season break, but it certainly hasn’t been a holiday as the business of motor racing never stops. We’re constantly working on moving forwards, both on and off the track.

It was great to have a chance to return home to Australia for a few weeks though, and have the chance to catch up with my family and friends. As any top-flight athlete knows, it is impossible to reach the heights without their support, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me on my journey so far….and beyond!

One of the big highlights of my time over in Sydney was taking a fantastic road trip to the Gosford Classic Car Museum with ten friends. We were massively privileged to drive some stunning cars there, including the rare and utterly awesome Audi R8 V10plus. It was an amazing trip that we’ll remember for a very long time.

I’m back over in Japan again, having stretched my linguistic skills to the limit while moving to and setting up my new apartment! Thankfully now I can focus fully on preparing for round four of the Super GT series at Sugo in a couple of weeks.

I joined my Taisan SARD team-mate, Shinnosuke Yamada, at the Sugo circuit last weekend for an official test, and we made a lot of progress with our set-up and feedback with the car. So, we’re all feeling very positive going into the next race and can’t wait to get back on track again.

Rather excitingly we’re also beginning preparations for the biggest event on the Super GT calendar too, the Suzuka 1000km. The race doesn’t run until the end of August, but it’s such an important and unique event the build-up and work begins now. I’m thrilled to be heading out to Suzuka for a two day test this weekend, as it’s such an iconic track. I’m pretty sure I will get chills when I see the famous Senna vs Prost corner/gravel trap too!

With it being a 1000km race, we’re also gaining an extra team-mate for Suzuka in the shape of former Formula 1 driver Christian Klien. Really looking forward to teaming up, and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him over the test and race weekend.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting and exciting few months ahead, as we continue to take big, positive steps forward together, and turn that into results on the track. Keep posted on my social media sites and sign up on my website for all the latest news and updates on my journey - it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Roll on Suzuka and Sugo!