Australian star Jake Parsons is taking away many positives from an impressive team run at the Bathurst 12-Hours that was marred by unfortunate car issues early in the race.

 “The weekend had a lot of ups and downs in it, but mostly ups. We were super-fast in practice, we qualified on pole position, and during the race we had the highest average pace of all the GT4 cars. Personally, I also felt really comfortable on the circuit, and I was able to be quickest on track for my run too. It’s just unfortunate that we had an issue in the opening laps, before I got in the car, that caused some damage and really set us back, taking away our chance of winning. But we made the most of it and still had a good race. So, there are a lot of positives there” explained the Japanese F3 champion.

Driving for M-Motorsport with an all-star line-up of James Winslow, Mathias Beche and Dean Koutsoumidis, Parsons had only praise for the ‘never give up’ attitude of his team.

“We stuck at it for the whole race and did our best to bring it home despite the problems. It was a really positive team to work with, all my teammates and engineers etc. Together we just kept focused on moving forward, keeping positive and fixing issues that arose along the way. We didn’t give up. It was obviously frustrating, but it was still a good race and environment to work in. I think the fact that we set the highest pace and broke the lap record says a lot about the potential and attitude of the team.”

Parsons thoroughly enjoyed driving the Equity One KTM X-Bow around the Mount Panorama track, having some good, strong battles with the third-place finishing Ginetta car.

“We both had strengths and speed in different areas of the track, so there was a lot of good back and forth between us, which was great fun. The KTM X-Bow was really nice to drive. It’s a lot less physically intense than a prototype car, so it was easier to do long runs and double stints in it, despite the heat. It was obviously hot in the car, but not as bad as the prototype cars, and the training I’ve done this past year has helped me cope with that too. We dialled in the car quickly over practice, so it was really hooked up over the mountain, with good balance front to rear. It actually made the track feel less intimidating and was a real pleasure to drive.”

Parsons is well known for his strong mental approach to racing, being very focused and ‘in the zone’ during events. But he was quick to add that it was good driving with and learning from his high calibre teammates at the prestigious race this weekend. “It’s always really good to drive alongside such a strong team, and I’ve learned a lot from that. James and I in particular have worked well in various endurance events over the past year, and this is actually the first race we haven’t finished on the podium together! So, I’m looking forward to continuing that process of learning from each other when I drive with such strong teammates.”

The Tokyo based Australian also had a blast being back on home turf, racing at the Mount Panorama circuit, where he still holds the Formula Ford lap record.

“It was really nice to be back at Bathurst again. This is probably the longest break I’ve had from driving in Australia, so it was pretty fresh to come back the track. I’m really keen to have the Bathurst 12-Hour as a project to do each year, focusing on good results and racing with, and against, strong teams.”

Parsons would like to thank everyone involved in the M-Motorsport Equity One KTM X-Bow entry for the opportunity to drive at the Bathurst 12-Hour this weekend.

“Big thanks especially to Dean, who ran the car, and to the whole team for working so hard to overcome the issues we had. Thanks also to James and Mathias too. It’s been a great event and there’s obviously a lot of potential for more success in the future. I’m excited for what lies ahead now.”